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Forum Announcement: Forum Rules

Welcome to This site is founded on free speech and discussions without the worry of ownership instability or censorship now or in the far distant future. But we still do have some basic rules that must be followed.

1) Keep the proper discussions to their respective forums. Keep the drama in the drama sections and the socom talk to the socom sections. Also, please try to not derail threads.
2) Be respectful to other people. Nothing wrong with having a heated conversation and some heated verbal exchanges, but lets try to keep the insults to a minimum if possible. With that said, nobody here is your babysitter and you are free to say whatever you wish. If people have a problem with a certain poster, there is a ignore/block function, so use it.

Also, the webhost that 1UP is graciously hosting this forum from has a few simple rules too. There will be a zero tolerance policy on the webhost rules.

1) No porn
2) No illegal activities. This includes discussion or distribution of ROMs/ISOs of older SOCOM games

Have fun folks!
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