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Rogue Company - hitman - 10-01-2020

Open beta starts today. Free to play. Looks decent, really.

RE: Rogue Company - SkiMask - 10-01-2020

(10-01-2020, 02:04 PM)hitman Wrote: Open beta starts today. Free to play. Looks decent, really.
watched the gentleman play for about 6 minutes, I'll give it a whirl if I can find it on the PS store. The TPS seems a bit OTS at times (which i kinda hate) but it looked clean, albeit a bit too clean, but despite the desolate rudimentary map shown, the gameplay seems somewhat ok.

I couldn't tell if they had a little floaty like jump animation similar to H-Hour, but I wouldn't let that stand in the way from testing it for myself.

RE: Rogue Company - dizee - 10-01-2020

might try it

RE: Rogue Company - hitman - 10-02-2020

Not bad for a free game. Has a F2P aesthetic that is kind of annoying, but gameplay is actually pretty smooth, and players go down pretty quick.

RE: Rogue Company - dizee - 10-04-2020

played it for a few hours tonight. its alright, i dont see myself playing it in a few months or anything like that.

its another shooter with dumb abilities in it to act as a crutch for the welfares. when did wallhacks being an ability become a thing? a few of the maps are downright brutal too. its fine for a f2p game but no way should anyone ever consider paying for this.