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The Paul Awol forum saga

(01-03-2021, 04:25 AM)MACK IS GOD Wrote:
(01-02-2021, 10:08 PM)Junglist Tactikz Wrote: Yeah it's the old forum. Not much going on there, to be honest. but it's still up and running. I still keep in touch with him.

Im sorry you have to endure that.........
Meh, it its what it is. You know me, I was always able to stay out of the drama, and I did this time as well. I keep in touch with as many people as I can. Even Animal, Luke, Eagle and some others from time to time, but not that often. Only way I can see anything from them is Twitter, and I personally do not spend a lot of time over there anymore.

Until these notifications started popping up, you guys never came up over there (in fact still don't), and you guys never brought him up. There's more going on over here than over there but I still drop in every day over there too, except weekends, but I unplug from everywhere on weekends.

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