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How did you get into SOCOM?

(03-03-2019, 08:39 AM)goliath Wrote: Never thought I’d see y’all again holy shit. Is anyone else still around? It’s been at least 10 years lmao

There are not many of us around anymore. I spoke to Robby23 a few years ago and uni-terror randomly messages me every 2-3 years. Did you go by goliath back then? I feel like I remember a goliath in the =AM= clan. We still hack socom every now and then and put together a code video every other year. 

Here's the current collection of newer videos:

(03-03-2019, 08:39 AM)goliath Wrote:
(03-01-2019, 02:04 AM)1UP Wrote: Same story. Buddy of mine got it when we were in middle school. He just got DSL and we cracked out on that shit. I ended up getting a ps2 and all the shit to go with it like a week or so later. I then realized that having high speed was a requirement and at the time we still had Dial up. Had to convince my mom that getting either dsl or cable made sense and as soon as I said it doesn't tie up the phone line she was sold.

Never thought I’d see y’all again holy shit. Is anyone else still around? It’s been at least 10 years lmao

There are some people on discord but most of the people I played with I haven't heard from in probably 10 years.

Was gaming a ton on N64 for a few years until I went over to a friends place with a PS2 and the latest Madden of that year. Was blown away with the graphics and the gameplay compared to the Madden/other football games on N64. Ended up getting a PS2 as a birthday gift with Madden 2003. My buddy bought a PS2 online adapter that I ended up borrowing to play Madden online with. Good old AOL dial up internet. It was mind blowing how good the competition was online, I went from being decent enough to beat most friends at Madden to getting murdered online. I remember also renting THPS4 and SOCOM 1 after hearing how awesome the multiplayer was on those. Played the hell out of THPS4 and ended up buying it since it supported dial up well. I tried playing online SOCOM 1 but couldn't, was instantly told it required broadband and was disappointing. Played single player for a little while and thought it was pretty fun stealth game. At this time, broadband internet wasn't really something my parents wanted to spend money on so I stuck with Tony Hawks for a little while instead as my online game of choice.

Met some really neat people on THPS4, ended up getting a USB keyboard to chat with people easier. There was no microphone support on this game. The cheating/glitching scene was pretty big, people would be able to use straight gameshark codes and get online no issues. I started noticing more and more Tony Hawk friends mention how often they play Socom 1 and how hyped they were for Socom2. I was looking forward to Tony Hawk's Underground myself, as soon as I could rent it. Played the hell out of THUG for months, played with the same crew day after day finding weird glitches or codes we could use. No we were not making the codes, things were leaked out\shared around by the people actually making them. It was a blast. We also used cheats to get the top leaderboard scores. But one thing kept up, as soon as November 2003 came around, the hours my friends were spending on THUG started to decrease unless they were in the same boat as me with dial up internet.

December 2003 rolls around, I am hyped for a different Underground game. Need for Speed Underground comes out and blows my mind. I beg and plead to get broadband internet to play it online. I mention we won't need 2 dial up lines with DSL which makes the upgrade more logical for my parents. We get SBC Yahoo DSL December 2003 and I get Need for Speed Underground for Christmas. Played the hell out of it for a month or so, beat the single player and played online a bunch. Didn't seem to find a group of regulars to play with and eventually got bored. Got hooked back on THUG now with the ability to host 8 player games due to the broadband upgrade. Some THUG friends said I should give Socom2 a try, I find it at the Family Video with a headset for rental. Gave it a shot, sucked really badly for a while. But chatting with my THUG friends was truly groundbreaking. I didn't have to put my controller down to jam out some text on a keyboard to communicate. 

Ended up getting a used copy of Socom2 and a headset from gamestop around Feb/March 2004. Also, eventually bought the PS2 online adapter from my friend since he had no use for it anymore. Played S2 everyday to the point where I wasn't getting any sleep and started passing out in class. I started noticing I was getting better at the game, learning the maps, learning the guns, learning how to win gun fights. That summer I pretty much played 24/7, met some new people, joined some not so serious clans, had a ton of fun. Most of my Tony Hawk friends were not playing as much anymore.

Eventually joined a troll clan called "wins clan". I was a 1:1 KDR kinda player and the other members were around the same but also had flashes of god like playing. They would troll people in teamkilling but also would trash talk other people on the other team even when we lost. I found it hilarious. My name in that clan was "mike wins" and the other members were rick james wins, nick wins, and craig loses.

Eventually I got much better, maybe 2:1 KDR and the wins clan wasn't playing as much. Eventually joined [NSU], No Stopping US, a Fish Hook seals clan, that could 6-0 even some of the best teams.

I was a regular on whatever the popular hacking socom forums with IDOT and stuff, kept a close on on everything because of clan wars being so competitive, I needed to personally know if there was any possible way people were cheating against us with codes. Nexttel/group phone calls were a big thing with socombattles, would give teams a huge advantage when dead players could call out who killed them and stuff. 

I was also hugely into the socom leaderboard ranking up scene, helping a few people. I ran into <RGLA>Snakeman, became good friends with 1BalleR(?), and also was given full control of Jedi_Killa(?) from the original account creator that had the admiral glitch happen to. I played the hell out of Jedi_killa since it had the admiral ranking and people treated me like a celebrity.

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