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007: Blood Stone - did anyone ever play this?

Back when I was writing and presenting for a sizable video game blog, Activision sent me a review copy of 007: Blood Stone. 

Unfortunately, Bizarre Creations got shuttered after the game was released. I blame Quantum of Solace (the film and the FPS game) for killing any James Bond hype this game might have been able to drum up. 

It wasn't a particularly memorable game, but it wasn't bad, either. 
I remember thinking - at the time - that it was the most "quick action" fun I'd had with a shooter in a long time. More maps, more objectives, and some clan support would have helped it along.

Looking bad, it really was a gem of a game. Had shades of Sony Bend (Syphon Filter) to it. 

Did anyone else play it? 


ya i played it along time ago, it was ok from what i remember. it had a ton of bugs iirc and was not very polished.

Well with the new James Bond now being cast as a black woman, guaranteeing it to become a box office smash and set new records for the franchise, we can be sure there will be a video game to follow!

"Play in campaign mode as black female James Bond where you will be presented with a trill ride of a story where you get yo hurr did, talk loudly and obnoxiously in line at McDonalds cursing in front of children and holding up everyone behind you as you inspect each Chicken McNugget to make sure "dey hot enough". Then travel across town to da corner store where they allow you to buy Newports and Malt liqour with your EBT Card! Experience all the realism of black female James Bond as you beat your kids because dey making noise when yo stories is playin on da TV!"

Pretty sure I remember this one. I never understood why they went in the direction they did story wise when QoS was out around the same time or year. Didn't they mocap Daniel Craig and then roll with a whole other story? 

The fuck. 

Not to mention it was coming off Goldeneye fandom? I couldn't remember a "next gen" post Goldeneye pre Blood Stone without Google. 

That's a shame cause many of us were yearning for a return to glory. While the game played eh and meh comparitvely and without the continuity of the story from what we saw in the theaters, it became disconnected and had a poor launch with nary any marketing regardless

All I have to say about that.

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