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Redline with another meltdown

Probably a good time to do a fast for me... since idiots bought everything.

(03-15-2020, 10:21 PM)Buchanans Wrote: Probably a good time to do a fast for me... since idiots bought everything.

Dude I was just thinking the same

The levels of panic the media is whipping up is gonna have Martial Law in place by Friday. Im going to the Supermarket later today and Im gonna be interested to see whats left. Might be rationing cans of Chef Boyardee for the next month because I know all the sheeple bought up all the Hot Pockets and Frozen pizzas by now.

I just got back from a 7 day cruise to this hysteria, it actually started the day after we left. We had almost no food, and hilarious like 4 rolls of TP left and TP is sold out everywhere. It's amazing the amount of panic the media created in less than a week.

I don't think it is the media so much as that just a lot of people are coming to the realization how ill prepared they are mentally, emotionally, skill set, supplies, and tools for any sort of real situation. They panic and they rush out and do absolutely stupid shit like waiting in lines (putting themselves at risk from what they fear) to hoard fucking toilet paper because they don't know what they should be doing because it has never crossed their mind that something could ever happen. How many dumbass could procure their own food if need be? I know lots of people that don't even normally have food at home and go out all the time, these idiots can't even fucking cook themselves. Surprised these people even know how to wipe their ass with all the toilet paper they bought.

(03-16-2020, 11:45 AM)eVo7 Wrote: I just got back from a 7 day cruise to this hysteria, it actually started the day after we left. We had almost no food, and hilarious like 4 rolls of TP left and TP is sold out everywhere. It's amazing the amount of panic the  media created in less than a week.

You probably have it bro. Why did they let you back in the Country?

Why have you not been quarantined?

Well...this escalated quickly.

(03-14-2020, 08:07 AM)MACK IS GOD Wrote: First.

Well said Plierr. Good to see you. You are always welcome to come in and shoot the breeze.


Jesus Christ, Ski. In all honesty I have never in my life, real or digital met anyone  who can turn a popcorn fart into Hiroshima with more conjecture and assumtion than you. Its all at once shocking, incredulous, and unfortunate.

And I promise you I am not trying to dogpile here but wtf? 

I PERSONALLY know for a fact that you are a genuinely decent, genuine, and generous person so Im not taking pot shots here but where is all this coming from towards 1UP? 1UP is and always has been True Neutral when it comes to Socom drama and never leans one way or the other until the facts lead him there. Im feeling you are in the Chaotic Good category. I suppose that would make Jung Neutral Good.

Interesting project. Maybe someone could fill this out.
I would nominate Drum as Lawful Good. I would also nominate myself, Evo, and Dizee of course as all Chaotic Evil.
Cheers mate!

(03-14-2020, 10:29 AM)dizee Wrote: I have never had a issue with Plierr. He seems to have his head on straight and cares about the franchise. Infact, I think he is one of the most sane and rational regular players left on the Xlink/SVDL community which is interesting because he is just a high school kid but more mature than most of the so called adults that ruin that scene like Lust and co. I could really care less about who or who he does not associate with. The only person I personally think is a disgusting piece of shit and a total loser is Hexum but what is well documented and irrelevant to this topic.

1UP minds his own business and hosts the website for us. He also has done a TON of work in terms of the emulator scene and the S2 scene. So what if he plays with Plierr (or anyone else) or has a community night with them. I watched some of their stream not too long ago, seemed to be a bunch of people enjoying socom and playing the game the right way. You should be all about that Skimask seeing as you have firsthand witnessed the losers like Riker and Texaco griefing you while you streamed the game and what they have done to alot of us in this community. Those sorts of people are killing SVDL so you should be all in on people like 1UP/Plierr/Harry/Kerb doing what they can to counter all the scumbags on SVDL by doing good productive things. Putting them both in the same group as Redline is retarded and just troll bait IMO. I have been involved in things related about SOCOM with 1UP for years and have not had a single problem with him. He also has brought in good people to our community like Kerb. Putting people in the same boat and labeling them is something Cuck-Awol would do Skimask, which is why he banned people like myself and Evo even though we did nothing wrong, not sure why you wanna go down that same road.

Also Mack I dont see ourselves as evil. I just think Swill said it best years ago, we are very opinionated and some people are sensitive to things and cannot handle other viewpoints or brutal honesty. It is what it is, I care more about freedom of speech than I do about some random persons feelings being hurt by someone elses views/opinions/thoughts.
Thank you! Also yeah, I genuinely don't know why Ski is anti about us, especially 1UP? His and I's goal when we do work together is to bring the casual SOCOM playerbase to life, allowing people to enjoy the game. Purpose behind SOCOMCommunity was always to try and cut the bullshit between everyone and just fucking play the game haha.

(03-16-2020, 04:18 PM)hitman Wrote: Well...this escalated quickly.
ha ha yeah it did. Let's not get it twisted I could give a shit and as always, the context of what I was trying to say became lost on the audience. If we were chatting in Discord or on a stream this wouldn't have been more than a few minutes jaw jacking back and forth and would've MAYBE solicited a laugh at my ignorance; probably not.

BUT since we are on digital paper it devolved into something odd and I tried to bring it back, but the damage was done–shots were fired and impact was made.

Oh well.

1UP you are still a dork but I like ya despite and always appreciate ya regardless if you feel the same.

Plierr (or affectionately Plié to me) thanks for clearing that up. Clearly I was retarded on the origin story as you can imagine; keep on doing what do for the Community bro–same with you 1UP.

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