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No longer going to be hosting this website

Due to the 200 IQ people in the socom community as a whole thinking that because some people on this site are trolling Dom that I am somehow the fucking leader of them, I am just dopping hosting for this and it will be up to Dizee (who actually owns the website) to find his own hosting

Dom, grow up, instead of talking shit about me behind my back, how you about you actually message me when you have issues like I have done with you.

Site will be going down on Monday.

I will have a host by Tuesday. I would not expect Dominator to grow up and talk to you directly like a man, his calling card is being a bitch and leading from behind like Obama.

Why? Fuck em. Don't capitulate.

Be nice to have all that dirty laundry and context aired out here for me to peruse at my leisure. Bummer always enjoy a good trainwreck; isn't that what this site was all about?

Glad it's still up and it sounds like 1UP needs to take a break from SOCOM; clearly doesn't have the patience nor the stomach for this volatile Community anymore and I've even noticed his tone change over the last couple of years from one of passionate gregariousness to downright hostile with an impatient glibness around really advanced and intricate topics such as online gaming and computing by self admitted hackers and cheaters honeypotting each other in a cloaked out game of social clout grab ass on a 20 year old dead game.

The sheer amount of intellectual dishonesty employed around the SOCOM topic, the software, the various efforts, fly by night projects, BPDs of creators, MPDs of players, etc would make even the most intelligent heads spin because its an evolution of fuckery based on the honor system of a thing that never had any integrity to begin with.

Eh, I'm just a dumb Polack so idrgaf.

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