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Gillette commits brand suicide

(10-27-2020, 08:03 PM)dizee Wrote:


"Heroic Basketball-Americans rescuing Air Jordons from Footlocker" -CNN

Funny thing is, Trump is getring anywhere from 25-30% of early votes in Philly. For comparison Clinton got 86% in 2016. Blacks are waking up to their Dem slave masters and the Spics and Beaners have as much Negro fatigue as Whites do. Trumps gonna get close to 40% of the Latino vote and near 20% of the Black male vote due to 50 Cent and Ice Cube.

I was initially concerned that the massive voter fraud that will happen could get Biden in office, but its becoming more and more apparent he just doeant have the enthusiasm. If anything its going to be MORE of an assrape than 2016.

A dementia riddled moron with hard evidence of treason running on a platform of making masks mandatory while hiding in his basement just isn't gonna cut it.

It is amusing to watch liberals walk down the same road as 2016, citing how "Biden is dominating in the polls" (which again oversample Democrats for roughly 15 for every 100 people) and how Trump is a racist, sexist etc etc.

And it is gonna be SUPER AMUSING next Tuesday and the days/weeks to follow watching them melt down and have panic attacks after we win 4 more years of Trump.

The real polls when you take into effect the oversampling they have are IIRC, Trump is up:
+2 WI
+3 MI
+4 FL
+3 PA
+2 NC
+4 GA
+4 AZ
+1 MN

The only way we lose this thing is if massive voter fraud occurs.

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