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SOCOM 1 Private Server

I sort of hijacked my own thread on the S2 one. I figured I'd make a new one to post related things to.


Wow. Just wow. Awesome shit bro.

(10-27-2020, 09:18 AM)MACK IS GOD Wrote: Wow. Just wow. Awesome shit bro.

Great thing about this is that there is nothing extra you need to buy or run to play S1 online as of now. No special patch, no need for mcboot memory card. It's a simple DNS setting change in your PS2 network config or PCSX2 emulator DEV9 config and you log on like normal. This is prolly as easy as it will ever be to play SOCOM Online. 

I say this because I know Ski is opposed to mcboot cards and patches, so if he's interested it's very easy to get going.

better game by far

i will be streaming Socom 1 tonight (thursday night) for anyone who wants to watch and tune in. Likely will be in a voice channel on our own discord too.

it went well the other night so we will see what happens.


That’s some deep tea baggings

(10-29-2020, 10:22 PM)dizee Wrote:

lmao, dude deserves it.

When i killed you in Ruins I didn't even know you were tbagging him until someone pointed it out after the fact. LOLOLOL.

Yeah I like how some idiot voted me lol. Maybe he wouldn't have to watch me tbag had he not died before me!

what a fun lil night of socom! you are missing out @MACK_IS_GOD!

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