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Election fallout


Sidney Powell is awesome

(11-19-2020, 03:20 PM)dizee Wrote:
Why do I get the feeling no matter what this broad says nothing is gonna be looked into on a Electoral College level? Just because she says it at a podium doesn't mean any of these bastards are gonna look into any of it. I'm so jaded about the whole deal. Have zero faith in the integrity.

They'll make this right once Hillary is locked up.

Why is that blonde behind her looking at her with bedroom eyes?

Talk doesn't mean squat. When they go into court where evidence matters I just see a bunch of L's, why is that?
This is all so pathetically predictable. But don't worry he won't leave unless forced.

So ...
are any of you clowns going to join us on SOCOM??
Or just flap your jaws about everything else ..
in a SOCOM forum?

(11-19-2020, 03:20 PM)dizee Wrote:

Looks like everyone is in an uproar the Messiah asked for proof and now they're turning on him like he's Benedict Arnold.

LMAO politics as usual. 

Buch, regardless of outcome, you and I both know that software is fucked. The fact it was rejected by Canada 5 times with Texas and a few more States understanding its fuckery because they saw the propensity for its ultimate comprise; you kind of just know.

Call the man a loser what have you, but you must not really care for integrity cause you got the desired outcome. Admit it. People on both sides of the aisle looked into this thing and said it was fucked years ago.

Canada doesn't want this "Canadian" company and its poo poo software and yet here we are, as Americans, with the same turd of a thing and we laugh quietly to ourselves about the irony of it all.

Difference is, I would want to get to the bottom of it regardless of victor and wouldn't be so intellectually obtuse about the validity of some of these claims because I was blinded by hatred for a public figure personally.

He doesnt care, 
he  wants that hair sniffing ped to win
for some twisted reason
He wants higher taxes
He wants His right stripped away
He wants His  guns taken away

(11-20-2020, 08:11 AM)SOCOMDITCH Wrote: Why is that blonde behind her looking at her with bedroom eyes?
Jenna Ellis has grown on me the past few weeks.

Why on Earth would Sydney go on Tucker for a 5 minute A slot and tip her hand in pehaps what will be the largest legal case in this countrty's history? Tucker might have become a victim of his own success and needs to calm the fuck down qnd not get so assblasted when someone blows him off because they have more important things to do like investigate the biggest fraud that ever happened to the American public.

Tuckers great at going right up to the line but he never has the balls to cross it and tell the real truth. Hes a net positive for red pilling normies, but hes always been controlled opposition and never truly addresses the 800 lb pound (((Gorilla))) in the room.

Tucker: Hey Sidney, Tucker Carlson here. Would you like to come on my show and present all your evidence of voter fraud?

Sidney: Im sorry we're kind of busy right now preparing for the biggest case in US history so I just dont have time.

Tucker: But Sindey Im Tucker Carlson, why dont you come on my show and present your evidence?

Sindey: Again Tucker, Im sorry, our team is busy having the US Military sieze servers in Germany involved in the fraud and getting our case ready to present to the SUPREME FUCKING COURT, I just dont have time to come on your show for 5 minutes and tip my hand to our opponents lawyers so they can better prepare themselves and you can get some ratings......

Tucker: Sidney why dont you come on the show?

Sidney: Please stop bothering me.

Tucker later that night on his show:

"She has no evidence and was mean to me".

Grow the fuck up. Tucker and FOX have taken a hard pass on overwhelming evidence of voter fraud. Period.

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