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Election fallout

I’m not a fan of everything Trump does,
but he’s much better than the other candidates
And it is nice to have a president who’s pro America and not a politician
He says some dumbass stuff on Twitter
I wish Rand Paul was President,
but the only option currently is Trump
Who the Fuck wants Biden and His horrendous tax plan?
And plans to steal our guns
Along with his dementia..

Hey Buchanan’s
When are you getting on socom with us?

I still cannot comprehend after all the shit that has happened this year why the dems leaders are still going as hard as ever after guns. I thought all the anti gun shit was a loser issue before all this, now a lot of dems even think its stupid. My stupid state of CA is losing every single 2A challenge brought against them lately, they're so bitter about losing on the state level and even at the ninth they trying to sue the ATF to force the shit they are losing on the nation as a whole. And the politicians are going full on after them.

I get giving Trump a vote because you hate the alternative but I wouldn't be caught dead giving the idiot any kind of praise because he deserves zero. The worst thing about Trump is simply wants to be there to protect and farther himself. He don't give a fuck about any of us.

None of the politicians do or ever have,
So when are you getting on socom?

Friday night is coming

Finishing up my night scoring a sack in Maple Grove and ordering up a CHEEF from Rosati's. Couldnt think of a better way to replenish my nutes since breakfast than Italian beef with the au ju on the side.

Fucking Virginia giving me an ulcer,
Might live in a ghost town come January

(11-03-2020, 04:43 PM)Buchanans Wrote: I still don't get the appeal for that dick fuck Trump.  I get not liking what the dems want but the enthusiasm and celebratory nature that some pour on to that narcist fuckwad is some of the most cringy and pathetic douchbagary there is.

Nothing is going to happen where I at, maybe a little over, and if anything does happen I'm ready. Got plenty of fresh food storage in the form of shotgun shells and rifle rounds. And have some stuff in the backyard. Not too worried about investments as I'm too broke to have any of those at the moment.

The appeal is this:

He is the ONLY. Yes ONLY man who has ever stood up against the corrupt Democrats, fake Republicans and venomous and evil Deep State and said "Enough".

The powers that be HATE him. But who they hate even more than him is YOU. A free man who can do as he pleases under the law. That man has endured more false accusations, vile and illegal tactics and non stop 24/7 365 carracter assassination from every direction for the entirety of his term. Despite all of that he stood tall and continued to do the best he could against the insurmountable swamp of Washington DC and the psychopaths who want to make you a wage slave beholden to the elites.

And he does this all for free. What does he gain? Why would a man in his 70s and a billionaire put himself through that? Can he be a baffoon? Absolutely. Does he say shit that sounds ridiculous? Absolutely? Could he be more polished? Yes. But there is NOBODY in politics in the past 100 years in politics who has the balls this man has and there is no denying that. Period. Is he perfect? Not even close. Is he the only voice of sanity with a set of balls who has withstood the most repugnant and illegal treasonous attacks from our government who actually cares about the average American? Absolutely.

People respond to courage and decisiveness. Hes shown more of that than any public figure in the history of mankind. You think some faggot like Mitt Romney or Lindsay Graham wouldnt have bent over by now?

Yea he makes some head scratching Tweets and is a loose cannon. But he is OUR loose cannon and the ONLY man standing up to the unimaginable corruption going on in our country. Bottom line, Trump put the balls back into the Republican party and gave regular Americans a voice. Even if that voice wasnt a polished Human Resources voice designed not to offend anyone.

EDIT: Also the Liberal asspain he causes is fucking priceless.

Some of these maps are cancer. One person is listed as the winner but listed numbers say opposite.

I don't know this year more then ever has made me see what a massive fuck up our government is and that we just need to be doing more stuff on our own for ourselves as communities with or without their fucking help or blessings.

I think Trumps got it.
And here I am in a land of liberals...

they are trying to steal GA/MI/PA

(11-04-2020, 01:03 AM)dizee Wrote: they are trying to steal GA/MI/PA

Ya think? That was the plan all along. 

"Oh look guise! We totally found these 40,000 Biden ballots in the trunk of this Pontiac outside of Decatur!. Heres another 50,000 Biden votes we found in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant in Detroit!"

These people should be executed in the streets.

(11-03-2020, 09:58 PM)Buchanans Wrote: Some of these maps are cancer. One person is listed as the winner but listed numbers say opposite.

I don't know this year more then ever has made me see what a massive fuck up our government is and that we just need to be doing more stuff on our own for ourselves as communities with or without their fucking help or blessings.

Our voting system is 3rd World Banana Republic tier and if nothing else this shitshow puts it on full display. Trump no doubt, absolutely, no question won PA. Yet its set up where a bunch of shitskins who couldnt get a job at McDonalds are counting "mail in" ballots with no reporting as to the progress. So basically they need to figure out how many votes they lost by, and then magically they will come up with a count that puts Biden ahead.

Prominent Dems are already declaring they WILL win PA with absolutely no reason to be so confident. Unless of course they understand the fix is in. Its also interesting to note, all of these late States are swing states. You dont see Alabama or Oregon having these counting issues. I wonder why? 

Trump destroyed in Florida. But somehow in Georgia its "uh......we dont know". Its fucking disgusting and wars have been faught over less. Dems have stolen dozens of House and Senate seats over the past 20 years because the microscope isnt on the shit they pull on a local level as it is now.

I get my Drivers License scanned every time I buy cigarettes or booze, and I cant even get on a train without showing ID, but Dems are pushing for banning voter ID laws? I wonder why? You have a billionaire kike Bloomberg spending 100 million to get felons to vote in Florida and Trump still crushes, but somehow in every swing State run by Dems its a big fiasco and we just wont know until they know how many legitimate votes they lost by until they can magically find enough votes behind a 7-11 dumpster to put Biden ahead.

I live right outside Philly. I deal with everyone from suburban soccer moms to criminal black gangster drug dealers. Every fucking one of them are pro Trump. Blacks LOVE Trump. There is NO WAY he legitimately lost this State. Period. BLACKS in Philly are sick of BLM. I watched a few white antifag pussies get beat down and pistol whipped by BLACK gangbangers because they were fucking up their corners and had news crews showing up putting their drug dealing businesses on blast.

ANY news outlet claiming PA is in play for Biden is full of shit.

Bottom line, as dissappointed I will be if this election is stolen from Trump, I am also an accelerationist. So this will help in that regard. If you asked me in 2015 if I would sign on for a 1 term Trump who got 3 SCOTUS appointments I would have jumped at it. As long as Repubs hold the Senate Biden will be a neutered President and we will be in store fore 2 years of nothing with a huge flip of the House and Senate in 2022. As much as I love Trump and his lulz even with him out as long as we hold the Senate its not that serious. They can hold the line until Tucker Carlson/Ted Cruz run n 2024 and BTFO everbody after voter ID laws are put into law.

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