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Cool Vids of Random Whatever

(09-01-2019, 01:25 PM)MACK IS GOD Wrote:
(08-31-2019, 09:35 PM)Buchanans Wrote: Mosin Nagant. Probably an M91/30.

Thought it was a Nugget but since the bolt worked and it didnt jam or explode in face I wasnt sure.
LOL. Yeah most of them run like shit unless you do a little tuning to the bolt and trigger. They don't explode but having to literally wack the bolt open is not uncommon.


Picked this thing up a couple weeks ago. It's an Evolve Bamboo GTR AT (comes with AT wheels as well for riding on grass and on dirt trails.) Guy in the video has the street setup but I haven't tried those wheels yet.

Most sober fun I've had outside in a very long time. I've already fallen off going over 20mph on asphalt into a crowded park and since busted a spring in the remote. Service and repair already fixed and have since resent from CA. 

Itching bloody skin tags to get back out like a little kid on this thing...

Great video of Smackdown style mash w/antifa.

Can't embed (streamable site, is there a generic embed?) but I highly recommend the click for the laughs. I just woke up so it paired well with coffee and a cigarette.

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