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Redline shuts down Task Force discord


(02-17-2019, 07:43 PM)YammerHammer Wrote:

Cant view because despite never once interacting with BigFry on Twitter he has me blocked. Lmao.

As far as Redline shutting down anything, its not surprising in the least. He has a long and documented history of meltdowns and petty stunts like that. He was considered by far the most infantile and mentally unstable member of the Socom community for years up until about a month ago when Paul Awol set the bar higher.

According to what I see on Twitter, someone saw Redline or Dirty make a comment in a Twitch stream chat about TF's progress, and they screenshotted it and posted to the backer Discord, after which the Discord was shut down.

I mean, lets be real here, anyone who is surprised by this is hasn't been paying attention lol.

Dude doesn't take criticism well at all and has meltdowns on a regular basis.

Not surprising. Bet Bigfry and company feel really retarded for shilling for him again. Wonder if anyone will call either side out, I could care less but I do love watching a good trainwreck.

Nothing of value was lost here, just amusing to watch the same cast of people continue to stick their hands on a burning hot skillet.

0 surpise. Just waiting for the inevitable "TF has been shit canned" post.

(02-19-2019, 01:35 AM)eVo7 Wrote: 0 surpise. Just waiting for the inevitable "TF has been shit canned" post.

Things to come:

Redline goes bonkers and makes the people beta testing the game invisible to each other after they talk about going on xlink instead.

Bigfry makes a "You know the problem with X" or "The sad reality of X" video

Redline returns 1 year later with a new project

Old people who got owned by Redline previously, try to put it aside because they are so thirsty for a socom that they are willing to look like morons yet again

The circle of socom life. instead of rakiki holding up simba, its bigfry holding up a new redline project while the shills cheer

but redline is a good guy remember? he deserves another chance remember? you can't look at the dozen or so meltdowns he has had and form an opinion of him, that's just not fair guys! give him another chance! he is a great fella!

Sounds like the circle enclosed (have no idea, can't see Twitter) and he just shut down the Discord. Unless you have someone indirectly saying something from within this circle, we'll never know. From my experience in learning of these ventures is those involved got better at NDAs and the like so we'll probably never know. Pointing out that small'ish fact could also be another type of hype with these types.

Knee jerk reaction? Must be redline. I wish him the best but his history of this kind of stuff isn't even joke worthy at this point, taskforce will fail.

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