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Harry's r0005-V59 Patch

SOCOM 2 r0005 Patch Information
- Patch written by harry62
- Powered by Based_Skid's RASM Project
-Various code found by 1UP and TheDominator
-Special Thanks to SP193,KrHACKen,Gtlcpimp32

- If your PS2 is connected to your router/switch then let the patch boot to LAN before starting xlink.
- If using PCSX2 and the TAP driver run xlink first and connect to the SOCOM 2 NTSC lobby. Then run the patch.
- Note: Tap/Crossover Server Currently Down We are working on this,

UPDATE: r0005 v0.5.9 Revision 01

- Patch will auto update assuming you are connected to the internet or using TAP driver on PCSX2.
- Added true r0004 style no wall sliding to patch games.
- Hold select at LAN Briefing room(game listing) and the patch version will display along with how to create a patch or halo game. If you can not join a patch game check your patch version, it must be the same as the host.
- Game will auto boot to LAN menu.
- Revised To Allow Direct Boot of the Offline Patch (In Case of Server or XLink Service Issue)


Features in PATCHED games only:
- Cheat detection.
- Options to choose most maps as day/night.
- Disabled wall sliding/humping.
- "Death camera follow player" lasts for 3 seconds.
- Overall KDR is displayed in the select menu. This is the totaled KDR since logging in to LAN. Logging out of LAN resets the KDR

Features in HALO games(includes all PATCHED game features):
- Lower gravity and higher jumps.
- Ability to aim while jumping/falling.
- Faster player movement.
- All weapons in game.

Features in REGULAR and PATCHED games:
- All patched game features are reversed for regular games.
- All online characters unlocked (aka the 4th character slot in most cases).
- Rank icons on LAN!
- Clan tags on LAN!
- Choose any map for respawn games.
- Increased text limits to allow for longer player names due to clan tags.
- Disabled Voice Modulation by default.
- Host of game is highlighted green on the scoreboard (select menu) in game.


How to create a PATCHED room:
1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "!" without the quotation marks.
(Example Password: @123456789)

2. Create the rest of the game as normal.

How to create a HALO room:
1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "@" without the quotation marks.
(Example Password: @123456789)

2. Create the rest of the game as normal and make the game respawn.

How to join a patched room:
1. Join it as you would a regular game without a password.
Patched rooms allow players with the patch to bypass the password entry. Regular users will be prompted with a password. If you are prompted with a password box then the room was not created properly for patch players or it was created by regular players.

How to check your patch version:
1. Hold [SELECT] at the LAN lobby(room listing menu) and the patch version will be displayed.
Note: Patch version will also display on the main menu at the bottom of the screen.

How to use a clan tag:
1. The tag is inserted when creating your name at the login screen for LAN.
2. Create your name like this: [TAG]name
Example: [CC]Harry62 The game will separate the clan tag and name when joining a room.

Rank icons are based on KDR:
<0.2:1 = Ensign
>= 0.2:1 = Lieutenant
>= 0.5:1 = Lieutenant Commander
>= 1.2:1 = Captain
>= 3:1 = Admiral


Q: Do patched players have an advantage?
A: No. Patch players will default to non-patch rules when playing a regular game. The only patch features they will have in regular games are listed above in the "FEATURES" section.

Q: Can regular players use the patch features in a patched game?
A: No. In order to have patch features you must have the patch and join/create a patched game.

Q: Does cheat detection work in regular games?
A: No. It will only work in a patched game. Players without the patch can not join these games.

Q: Can I use an older version of the patch with the newest version? A: No.

Q: How do I create a patched game?
A: Create a game with a password. The password MUST start with the ! symbol followed by any characters you want. Example password: "!12345". Players using the patch will join the game automatically while regular users will be prompted with a password.

Q: Can I still join regular games?
A: Yes and regular players can still join your game if you create a non-password game or a password game where the password does NOT begin with the "!" symbol.

Known issue and solution
Custom maps showing up as regular maps for everyone excluding host. This usually affects the first map only in my experience and testing. 
ex: aban_day, crossroads, cross_night, frostfire, frost_day, etc.

Solution: Create patch games with either custom maps or regular maps.

Download it here.

Thank you for re-posting!

I also got a YT video I made showing you how to use Harry's patch on a PS3 with custom firmware. But it involves making a ISO with the patch installed to it so I am not sure it would work with a auto updater or whatever.

The emulator on PC is the way to play anyways, wayyy better than PS3 upscaling.

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