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TRS got deleted?

We all know the forums closed over a year ago and then after Paul-AWOL went full retard and fed Pink Luke's "sexist" posts that the forums were officially closed from being read-only, but you could still visit the website to see a message from the staff. Now all you get when you visit TRS is 505 errors.

Maybe they just didnt pay their webhost or something else? Who knows. Sad to see so much archived information and data lost though because of a few jealous idiots.

I was under the impression it was completely nuked. I honestly cant blame Luke for doing it. When you have mentally ill scumbags who sift through years of posts and passive aggressively try to jam you up its really the only option.

Its unfortunate that faggots feed into the culture of offense and try to get the retarded mob to stone people to death by digging up "dirt" and using the SJW lunatics to grind their axe because they are too much of a pussy to handle shit themselves and behave like an adult.

When you have fragile idiots with access to years of posts and an axe to grind, its just a matter of time until they try to jam somebody up. Once again a tiny vocal minority fucks it up for everybody else. Years of relevant and important Socom history and information gone because Paul is a mentally unstable faggot who tried to White Knight some 50 year old roast beef pussy bitch like the thirsty pathetic Beta he is.

Being a White Knight Beta in real life is pathetic enough, but internet WKBs are a special breed of pathetic.

Interesting, but not really surprising.

I can only imagine the decision to nuke it was pretty easy after the shit Paul & Pink pulled.

Well tomb is going to have to write a new book now since his old essays are gone lol. Kinda expected this to happen although it sucks.

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