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SOCOM 2: r0005v62 Release

(05-05-2019, 02:18 PM)MR. BLONDE Wrote: You guys know that SS could be interpreted as... Oh, okay, yeah, you see it.

Sea Snipers?

That's it, right?

The few people who would cry about a [SS] tag which is clearly regarding our website are the same people who cried about racist ladders, so their opinion pretty much means nothing to me. I encourage everyone to rock a [SS] tag if you play on Xlink and rep the site with pride and enthusiasm!

Anyways, back on topic. Great job on another patch Harry. Having the option to tweak the sensitivity ingame is a major add.

(03-28-2019, 06:13 PM)harry62 Wrote: Unofficial SOCOM 2 patch r0005 updated to version 0.62.

UPDATE: r0005 v0.6.2 - Changes  
CHANGE: Added custom patch menu in game. Access this menu by pressing "L1 + X".
- Contains controls for Look Speed, Crosshair Color, Brightness, Round Start stance(crouching or standing), and Aspect Ratio.
- Displays overall KDR and patch version.
- Cicle, Triangle, and the "close" button close the menu.

CHANGE: Added widescreen 16:9.
- Enable widescreen via Patch Menu. "L1 + X" opens the menu.
CHANGE: Removed suspect code scanning. This caused more confusion than it helped.

Download and info:


I am sure I missed this somewhere, but when did you make players that are alive bold? I know there was always a difference but it seems more pronounced now.

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