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(06-04-2020, 11:35 AM)hitman Wrote: Oh, damn, I would hate thumpers after that, too  Tongue
I don't hate anyone. Never appreciated the launcher since like Goldeneye so its not even to do with SOCOM perse its that I don't even find the mode or the weapon remotely pleasurable. Even in a launchers only game I would tire after only a round or two. And if folks insisted on playing that way I would rather watch and smoke or fuck off IRL.

Either way, what I was referring to specifically was this stubborn subset of players with their tired ass back and forth for like 5 fuckin years one upping each other while the tiny few players suffered in some limp dick measuring contest that always ended in throwing out the baby for the bathwater and shutting down the game.

Putting it simply: shits just not fun anymore

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